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"Count Bleck here...

Disaster happened...

Was conducting certain magical experiments, and made a horrible mistake.

Turned me into a goose.

I can type, but not talk, as my voice changed too, now seemingly onle be able, to cackle like a goose.

Do you have any idea how annoying this is?!

I'm screaming at my follower-minions: "Its me it's me, your King! Count Bleck!"

But the only thing they hear, is a goose cackling.
Kicking me around and hitting me with sticks like i'm some sort Piñata, whilst precious feathers, fly around like tree-leaves in a tsunami-like authumn-storm...

How can i convince my following it's me?

Tried to put up a crown to show it's really me, their King.

They just laugh at me, as they think who the hell i think i am, a cackling goose trying to be a king.

You know how much that hurts being disrespected after being a King for such a long time?

I can't take that disrespect!

Causes me to become angry, and all they hear, is a frustrated goose, trying to cackle at it's loudest, which makes them laugh even harder, almost choking trying to grasp for air, as their laughter prevents them breating.

As they think i dare to think, the louder i cackle, in combination with a crown, i dare to think they are stupid enough to accept me, which they find extremely stupid and funny.

But i am their king!

This is really horrible.

My minions are so stupid, why dont they recognise me?

Believe i answered it, cause they're stupid, allowing me to use them for dirty work.

Help! I can't take this anymore!

I have plans, but how to finish them in the form of a goose?

On first sight, this looks hopeless, but in actuality, it isn't.

Me trying to convince everyone online I'm Count Bleck, earned me this golden pen-badge, easing my pain a bit, as it makes me realise sometimes, it's not as hopeless i initially thought."


Ik kan in principe elk genre schrijven dat ik wens, afhankelijk van waar ik zin voor heb. Meestal zijn dat luchtige, ludieke verhalen, maar ik heb ook lange, serieuze, al dan niet fantasievolle, prachtverhalen.