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Savage Sins - A man's secret

Omschrijving van de inhoud of de flaptekst

It’s crazy. How did this start with fire? Burning when I met you, with desire. It’s crazy. How did we get to this? We both fell for something. We didn’t know exists…
The best hit songs were written after breakups… This was my way, to tell about my last heartbreak.
My relationship with Jake started as a stupid bet and ended in a bad romance.
He was married with two kids, so I decided to move on.
I had it all! Finally I became a famous writer. I had a new life and a relationship with two wonderful men. Until Jake crossed my path once again and tempted me, like the devil was sitting on my left shoulder. He was someone I couldn’t resist; he was one of my seven savage sins…
Wrath: “Whatever begins in anger, ends in shame?” Jake chose the sweetest words to get in to my heart, and the most poisonous actions to break it! Now he is sorry and wants me back.
Envy: “Jealousy is the tie that binds, and binds, and binds.” Jake never wanted me but he couldn’t let me go either.
Gluttony: “The gluttons dig their own graves, with their teeth.” Jake was hungry for attention, not love.
Sloth: “What is right is often forgotten by what is convenient.” My feelings for him were clear, Jake had never the heart to open and give love back.
Hubris: “We are rarely proud when we are alone.” Winning for him, to boost his ego, was always a thing for Jake, and never will give you credit for anything.
Avarice: “To greed, all nature is insufficient.” What I achieved, Jake had to do it better, bigger and grater. It was never enough.
Lust: “Sex is the consolation when you can’t have love.” Jake and I had a great sex appetite for each other, but when it came down to it, afterwards he dumped me like I was some kind of trash.
I wrote this book for him, for Jake! To let the world know, what for a man he really was. He was a devil disguised in a form of an angel.
I was a great writer, and writers don’t forget! Everything you’ve done, it could be used against you.
Let that sink in asshole…


Here I sat … With a white page open, on my computer, trying to put my thoughts on paper. Where do you start? And what is the right beginning to tell a story, when you’ve kept it for so long hidden?

Well the fall of 2017 was a great start to begin with for me in the first place, the reason for it? That’s when it all began.

In the first days of October, it was purring rain, like a faucet was left on. It was a cold rainy evening; I was bored at home, so I’ve decided to get some movement at the local gym.

Should I go by car or foot?

Well, I took my umbrella from the pantry closet, and left my house for the gym. On my way my thoughts were traveling to another dimension, until I felt the cold water from on the side of the road, splashing on me. A car driver deviates from a road bump and I'm soaking wet.

“Thank you asshole”, I murmur between my lips and continue my walking to the gym.

After ten minutes I arrive and go straight to the lockers. The damage was limited. My hair and my tights were a bit wet. I’ve put my hair in a tail and dry me off with a towel, and heading in to the gym area. I take my place behind a cross trainer, put my music on and start the training.
I couldn’t concentrate on my training. My mind was full and tired. I was trying to killing time, so I looked around and to my surprise, - from the window -, I saw the driver who had soaked me. He was pulling over and was looking for a parking spot. To his bad luck another driver took his spot. I was watching the scene behind the glass and he noticed me looking from his driver’s seat.

Serves you right…Asshole…That’s karma…

When I was done with my warming up, I took a yoga mat from the wall and some gear, got sited to a quiet spot and began at my abs training. I was doing some reverse crunches with a ball, when I saw a manly figure bending over me, blocking my sight. I took my composure back, my headphones off and sat on the mat.

“Can I help you?” and I looked to the sweet face, of a young man in front of me.
“Well I hope so. I am apologizing, if I soaked you, while you were walking here. It was you, right?”

I smiled. He was too cute, to stay angry at him, besides he came over to apologize.

“Yes it was me. Thank you for apologizing. Can happen, but why the hurry? The gym is open until midnight.”
“I was driving thoughtless. I’m sorry for not noticing you. I hope you’re alright?” He smiled back at me.
“I’m doing it oke, don’t worry. By the way, my name is Gina Rees.” And I gave him a hand to shake, but instead to shake it, he lifts it up and places a soft kiss on my knuckles. It made me blush, such courtesy.
“You’re very kind. My name is Jake Goldwin.”
“It is nice to meet you Jake.”

He took a mat from the wall as well, he came to sit next to me, and looked at the gears I had gathered around me, for my training session.

“So, what are you training? Are those things not too light for you?”
“Well…Try it by yourself Jake.”

He took the ball from me and copied the exercise I was doing. He putted the ball between his ankles and lifted his legs in the air and went up and down several times.

“This hurts as hell…” he complained.
“Well that’s the whole point of a good training…How do you think I’ve got some killer abs?” and I lift my t-shirt for him to see my upper abs. He looked at me from head to toes drooling.

“You’ve got some serious assets here…” he complimented me.
“You’re not bad yourself either.” I took a better look at him. He had very sweet features, a beautiful friendly face, curled dark blond hair and green eyes. He was taller than me and had a nice trained body. I realized that I hadn’t seen him before.
“I see you are train very often, why haven’t I seen you around?” I asked curious.
“I do train a lot indeed, but maybe we never had a chance to talk to each other, because you didn’t notice me been around, in the first place?” he teased me.

He was right. He didn’t stand out from the other men in this gym. I looked around me, and the men that came here to train, were full of steroids and with muscles bigger than a cow. Not bad for my taste, my ex was one of those, which never gave me the chance to see the wood behind the trees.

“My bad…You are actually a nice guy…”I said to lighten up the mood.
“How often do you come to exercise Gina?” He looked at me with those sweet puppy eyes.
“Mostly three times per week. I’m working at the Stiletto’s warehouse, I’m the C.E.O and the days are long…”
“Beautiful and smart too…deadly combination…” His eyes had a spark when he gave me this second compliment and I felt my heart skipping a beat.

Keep it cool Gina…Even the devil can transform in to an angel…

“Thank you Jake. So what do you do for living?” I asked and I noticed he’s expression from happy going sad, in a split of a second.
“I’m the hair of the insurance company in town…” he frowned.
“What? Are you THE Jake Goldwin? Is your father George from the Goldwin Assurances?” I felt my mouth falling on the floor from astonishment.
“The one and only…”

Funny that the son, of the most famous playboy from the eighties, was actually a descent man…Almost a nerd…God I like this one…

“So you do need the muscles, to carry all the weight, of the company’s responsibilities on your shoulders.” I joked.
“You’re very funny…So how did you end up with the Devil who wears Prada?”

Was I hearing sarcasm in his voice? Oh yeah I did…Be careful Gina…

“She was married to my nephew Christopher Carter…And she is my best friend…” His looked at me almost frozen for a second, after he sheepishly said:
“Ouch…I’m sorry for the insult…So you are related to the Carters from London?” suddenly he seemed curious to find out more, instead I go into details and tell him more than he needs to know, I answer with:
“Welcome to the shark tank…” I gave him a smile, to not show that I was annoyed by him. He was funny and handsome, but he made me feel awkward in a kind of way.
“So how about we finish our work out together?” He asked and gave me a hand to help me on my feet. I walked to the area with the heavy weights.
“Come, let’s pump some iron. Do you want to dead lift or to bench press?” I asked and when I looked over at him he was staring at me for a second.
“Let’s do the dead lift…” he said very cold, and gathered all the gear that was needed. Together we did some exercises and not long after, he left for the lockers.

What’s his problem all of a sudden?

I decided to focus on the rest of my training, and when I was satisfied with my results, to walk back home. An hour later I was done and headed back to the lockers to change. There was no sign of Jake. I’ve changed to an easy outfit, took my umbrella from the bucket and walked over the brick pavement in thoughts, but suddenly I hear a car pulling over next to the pavement.

“Get in…You’re going to be sick, with all this rain falling on you.”

I looked in to the car and it was Jake. I stepped in.

“Thank you…Why did you left all of a sudden?” To be honest he didn’t like the question. He looked irritated at me.
“I had a call from the office…” He replied, his eyes were focused on the road. I looked at him and there was something else in his mind than work, but I dropped the subject. “What’s your address, darling?” He added a sweet word to lighten up the mood, but that wasn’t working.
“My house is nearby the high school of the town. Thank you again, for driving me home.” And I dropped the subject for now.
“Anytime, for a damsel in distress…” he joked.
“I’m not a damsel Jake…I love walking in the rain…It’s like it washes away all my worries and fears.” I was lucky; my face was still wet from the rain, so he couldn’t see the tears running from my eyes. But as if he was sensing my worries, his attitude suddenly towards me softens.
“Do you want to talk about it Gina?”
“Maybe some other time, if I get the chance to know you better Jake.”
“As you wish…”

After ten minutes he pulled over in front of my house. I stepped out of his car and looked at him.

“Thank you Jake.”
“Anytime for you my dear.” He said those words like he meant them. But like Taylor Swift was singing: I knew you were trouble when you’ve walked in…

This evening was the start to a great heartbreak…


Martha de Graaf-Poupaki