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Savage Heart's - A Woman's Touch

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Forgive your enemies they said...

Your husband Christopher Carter is the target of blackmail, so he sets up your divorce in scene and put you at the center of attention to find out who's threaten to expose a hidden family secret.

The blackmail comes from an employee at the Stiletto's, were you're now the new owner of. Not only your new ex husband Christopher, becomes the target but you too as well.

But this is a small amount of your problem, when a mystery man at the Stiletto's Warehouse, distracts you from your purpose to find out who's threaten your ex husband.

Are you going to fall for the charms of this mystery man? Or are you willing to clear the name of the Carter family?

He is someone you’d never expect…


A knock on my office door announced the arrival of Christopher Carter.

“Come in!” I call out of habit and my posh cousin walks in my office like he owns it. Of course he owns the place, however since I was promoted the C.E.O Christopher had to keep his peacock attitude out of this place. I stand from behind my desk to greet him, out of habit he comes over, hugging me and giving me a kiss on my cheek.
“Good morning love.”
“Good morning Christopher. Please have a seat.” I call Mia to bring us coffee, while she enters my office I see how Christopher is flirting with her. Apparently he is over Jackie… Still is not my place to make judgments, they split and it is up to him to flirt with who he wants. As Mia, as she walks out of my office, his focus returns back on me.
“It has been quite long ago for you been here. What can I do for you?”
“Gina, I need you to help me with a serious matter. Promise me to keep this between this walls and I promise you by the end of what is going to happen, you will own this place!”

Stupefied I looked at him, not understanding a word, what he was talking about.

“Please care to explain to me what is going on?” and I took a sip from my hot coffee.
“A lot! First I need to make sure I can trust you, before I lay all my cards on the table. Meaning, that you won’t say a word about it either to Hugo…”

Christopher and Hugo had history together.

They turned from best friends to foes. Both are excellent business men with bright minds. During their college day’s they had found a way to import business related clothing from Turkey, Spain and Italy. Soon after they created their own formal wear brand C & H and after their graduations, both wanted to conquer the business world and they did by buying real estate to expand their brand.

They had won their place in the high end fashion market. Although Hugo knew that it was about time their company needed and huge injection of money from an investor, still he refused to sell a share from the company. Christopher on the other hand he was a free spirit. He was a good gambler and knew how to play his cards right. So he made a deal with Creative Art Company and Co. Without including Hugo in the deal. By this Hugo lost his share of 49%, He took Christopher to court, with a long lawsuit as a result.

After the lawsuit, Hugo agreed with a huge amount of money and job compensation. Into their agreement, they came to terms to put an unbiased party to lead their business, sort after they gave me the position as their C.E.O. Ever since he hated Christopher for life. Not only for losing his business on him but also the woman he loved too: Jackie. Jackie knew that Hugo had feelings for her, although she had a thing for bad boys like my cousin, deep down she loved Hugo. Christopher knew how to wind her up around his finger and ultimately she gave in.

At first this brought me to a difficult position, however I couldn’t make a choice between my cousin and my best buddy. Christopher and I grew up together. I don’t have any siblings so he is more like a brother to me, on the other hand Hugo was the man and best friend every woman could wish for. So when they had their argument I kindly requested both to leave me out of their problems and they did.

“If this is family related then you have my word on it. There is no doubt about it. You can be the worst, still I love you. So what can I do to help you?”

Christopher looked around and somehow I knew there was something wrong, so I stood up from my desk and locked the door and switch off the security camera’s in the room. I take my phone from my purse and call Mia.
“Mia, please cancel all my appointments until lunch…”
“I was trying to call you back. The security reported that your office is offline, is everything alright Gina?” I’ve heard worry in her voice.
“Family related, so please do as I said and don’t let anyone come into my office!”
“As you wish.”
“Thank you Mia!”

As I hang up the phone my focus turns back on Christopher.

“Now you can speak, it is all save in here…”
“Someone has threaten me and it comes from the Stiletto’s. There is a rat between this walls, so don’t trust anyone even Hugo. Calculating today Jackie is coming back here to ask you for a job, so hear her out… And Ryan he is up to something…”

“Hold on! Rewind please? What?” I looked over at Christopher and there was no sign in his face that gave in he was lying or joking, with me.
“Jackie and I are still married. They have threaten me to a level that I had to fake everything Gina. If I don’t pay millions they will expose everything about Valentina and will hurt Jackie. The one who is doing this knows everything about us, even about your weird friendship with Hugo.” And he hands me some pictures over showing Hugo and me kissing at my home back yard. I freaked out and almost a little scream escapes my throat.
“But who is capable of doing so?”
“It can be anyone around here so please be cautious…”and he looked around as if he was trying to find the guilty one, who caused him trouble.
“So why are you here Christopher?”
“We need to make a plan and I know how to make the rat coming out of his cave…” he said determent and took a sip from his cold coffee.
“Well? Care to explain?”
“I know that the Stiletto’s is in debt and with negative annual reports, as a co-owner and your boss, of course I can and will give you a year to fix this problem. Use Jackie! She is the best in her work, she knows a lot about banking and finances and in this year she will be able to bring this business back into its old glory, in the meantime care to find out with her who’s the one who has threaten us…”
“What do I get out of this Christopher?”
“As I mentioned earlier: By the end of this year you will own the whole fashion emporiums, plus the hotels next door.”
“And how are you going to convince Jackie to do so? It is her company too…”
“Jackie loves Amsterdam, on the other hand like Valentina both do belong to London. My sister wants her back on board at V. Enterprise, eventually she will give in and leave all this to you my love. You worked hard for this place so I’ll help you to get it.”
“Just like that?” I was stupefied.
“Without a doubt Gina, only I have some conditions…”
“I knew it! You don’t do anything without a payback, so spit it out…” Christopher was a great business man who knew how to play his cards right.
“Don’t let Ryan to take over the place if Jackie comes here, and I know how important Hugo is to you, but I will go on both knees right now for you to not tell him anything about our agreement. Please Gina!”
“Aright, I promise and I will keep my word on this one, on one condition too…” and he looked at me like he could read my mind, and lifts his hand to stop me.
“Fine! Don’t say it…I’ll do it!”
“No shit! Are you considering to bury the hatchet with Hugo?” My cousin is full of surprises today.
“You are my niece, my sister and blood Gina. For you, I’ll do anything even making up with Hugo…”

I stood up from my desk and hugged him.

“We have a deal Christopher!”
“You are a true dragon Gina!” he kissed me on my forehead as a thank you and by this Christopher left my office.


Martha de Graaf-Poupaki