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A Realm of Darkness - The Haunted Prince

Wordt in Halloween 2021 uitgegeven.

Omschrijving van de inhoud of de flaptekst

Was it Fate or Destiny? Fate is concrete and determined by the cosmos, on the other hand Destiny depends on your choices in life.

He is a famous television persona, she was a famous writer and yet they never had met, the reason for it was an ocean between their worlds. He was a Las Vegas bad boy, she grew up at an exclusive mansion and a high end comunity in Amsterdam. Until fate decided otherwise and it was written in the stars for them to come around.

The bridge for her to cross the ocean, was to manage the singing career of her best buddy. She had the skills to make him famous, she knew the people, who knew people.

That's how Artemis met Zak. He was charmed by her on their first meeting , so he asked her to date her.

On their third date both discover, that they are on another level connected and everything changes the perspective of life. Everything around us is not what it might seems to be.

Zak revealed himself as a vampire, while Artemis could finally give in, to admit her own secret: Been clairvoyant.

Well vampires and other supernatural creatures, aren't some crazy imaginations from romance writers, they do exist and live among us!

How romantic all above might be seem, Artemis and Zak, had a long bumpy road to ride before they could live their happily ever after.

The moment Zak putted his mark and claim on her by biting her, The Higher Vampire Elite had given him two options:

Turning her into a vampire or erase her memory.

This wasn't even the worst part of all! Zak was haunted! A spirit was following him around, torture him, claiming him and her name was: Lilith!

Artemis didn't only carried the name of the Greek goddess of hunt, she was also fierce and a warrior herself. Her bond with the vampire was so strong, she was willing to move earth and sky to keep him for an eternity by her side.

She came up with a very dangerous plan, to collect all ten Dybbuk boxes! With the magic she tried to summon, it had backfired to her as a boomerang. Lilith gained more power, and she freed one of the worst demons ever : Asmodeus. Artemis became his target. He was the demon of lust, trying to punish her with carnal desire, seduce her and messing with her mind and that because she fell in love with a vampire!

Or isn't she? Is everything around them real? Or is it just a wild dream that is been caused by two of the worst demons hell knows?

Read to find out!


My phone rang and I picked up:

“Gina de Graff?”
“Good evening love…” It was Brian.
“Hey handsome, did you finally have the time to call your manager? How are you?” I try to complain.
“Busy and that is because of your managing skills, sending me off from north to south, and west to east of the country…” he complains almost, still hearing a smile in his voice.
“You was the one who wanted to be famous in the first place darling, I made it happen for you…”
“And I own you Gina…”
“What’s wrong with calling me by my real name: Artemis for once? Rick, Nicole, James, all you rock starts calling me Gina and I feel like a stripper on the Strip…” I joked with him.
“Oh come on darling don’t feel offended. You are an artist, you’ve build a huge managing brand around you and let Artemis be your company’s name not how we call you…You are my Gina from day one!”
“Don’t tell me you had finally the time to read the books I gave you?” and I felt my heart pounding in my throat. Brian was so busy that he forgot about me using every one of his songs in my writings.
“I did darling…You are a masterpiece…” and I felt my cheeks blushing.
“Brian are you sick? You never giving me compliments…”

From day one, when I met him in Amsterdam and I started to manage his singing career, I had set strict rules between us. We were close and best friends, still I didn’t wanted to have any sexual advances and flirting between us! It will affect my judgment and accountability towards to my other clients too, besides the tabloids could eat my head after my divorce.

“I need a vacation Gina, where are you?”
“Now we talking. You need a favor! At my home in Vegas, and you?”
“At my parents residence in Springfield, so do you mind, me visiting you tomorrow?”

I look at my watch and I had to go, or else I’d be late.

“I don’t mind at all Brian. You are welcome to come and visit me any time you pleased. Can we catch up tomorrow? I have to go!”
“Why are you in a hurry all of a sudden?” he seemed surprised.
“Well I have a date…” and I bite on my lip, as if he can see me.
“With who?” he asked and I could hear a bit jealousy in his voice.
“Zak, at the Haunted Museum. I really have to go Brian. See you tomorrow.” And I hang up, knowing leaving him with a bit jealousy in his gut. Deep down I knew Brian had sweet feelings for me, and I did my utter best to ignore them. I didn’t want to ruin what we have.

In human speed I change from my day outfit into a dark blue, with white stripes jumpsuit and electric blue heels. I spray a bit of perfume on me, do my lips and fix my eyeliner and I am good to go.

As I walk down to the entrance of my apartment, a black Lamborghini Huracan is waiting for me. That made me feel nostalgic and missing my Lamborghini Urus back home. As the prince of darkness, Zak steps out of his car, dressed in a fully black outfit and walks towards to me.

“Good evening gorgeous. You must be Gina!” and he studies me from head to toes. Shit! Seen him in real life, made my knees go weak and I feel like a jelly puddle melting in front of him. He is more impressive, mystique and handsome than on the television screen. I keep my mouth shut to not to drool, and yet I have to be polite and greet him.
“Hi Zak, yes I am Gina and for tonight you are stuck with me, like a demon scratch on your back…” I joke and he takes me by hand and helps me to get into his nice car.
Before he starts the engine he looks at me saying:
“You look more like an angel Gina…You’re nothing like the demons I felt so far…” He drove off and took the highway through the magnificent and over the top Strip in Vegas, and I was enjoying everything around me, Zak might be living a life through the dead, still sitting in a small space like this with him, he made me feel at ease. Suddenly I feel his cold hand on mine and our fingers interlaced. He lifts my hand and places a sweet kiss on my knuckles.

Am I dreaming? I sit next to the man I dreaming to meet for so long, and he is kissing my hand? I’ll never going to wash this hand again…

“Well Gina tell me something I don’t know about you yet!” he asks while his focus is still on the road, with my hand in his.
“We have a lot in common Zak…” and I feel him gently squeezing my hand.
“Why don’t you tell me? I love to know what…”
“I love to spend time alone to write, I am a moon lover, I am sensitive to day light because of my migraines. I hate dolls and even more clowns and my birthday is on April the 5th too…”

His grip around my hand got a bit tighter, it almost hurt. I tried to pull it back, but he holds it tight and place it on his heart. I feel a faint beat through his black formal shirt. He opens the upper buttons, encouraging me to touch his bare skin.

What the hell?

“Zak? What are you doing?”
“Don’t ask Gina…Close your eyes and feel…” I do as he commands me to do. His skin is cold and soft, it gives me shivers all over my body. I try to listen to the beat of his heart, instead of me feeling a thing, a blur vision appears in front of me. I see a lot familiar things from my life, but in the end of it, I feel like I am stuck on a road , I was in between the light and the dark. On the dark side was my prince of Darkness on the light side Brian. After a minute or two I came back to reality.
“What was that? What on earth deed I just experienced?”
“What did you see Gina?”
“A road that was split in half. The one side was white and the other side was black and I was standing in the middle of it…You really do, living your life through the dead aren’t you?” I looked at him, trying to read any expression on his face, but there was no emotion to find. Nothing!
“Aren’t you afraid of me Gina?”
“Why should I? Because of your ability to live in both worlds? No! Many called me crazy for writing novels and yet here I am sitting next to the hottest man of Vegas…” I joked and he places another kiss on my knuckles.
“The truth is Gina…I do live between those two worlds, because I am half human and half vampire…Some call it a Dhampir others a day walker.”

I turn my head to take a better look at him, is he for real?

“I knew it! And through the supernatural you try to find a way to live life aren’t you?”


Martha de Graaf-Poupaki