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Move Me: Embodied Writing

Soort: workshop
Wie: Geertje Couwenbergh

“A wonderful, beautiful and IMPRESSIVE experience.”

participant of MOVE ME

MOVE ME: An Embodied Writing Weekend

Treat yourself to this inner adventure that combines the love of music, movement and writing practice to open up new pathways into your writing – and life. Author and expressionist Geertje Couwenbergh developed this program to help you travel to the root of expression. It explores fundamental human stuff: to move, to connect and express. It’s a deep and playful leap into unknown parts of yourself.

“Opening, touching, grounding.”

“This program stretched me in every possible way. I feel stronger now!”

Let yourself be moved
Throughout this weekend, we will use simple structures that allow you to free up energy that is locked in your writing and body habits. Embodied movement opens up your writing to the wisdom and memories of the body. Writing helps vocalize what you experience and wisdom of -and in- your body. The fruit of this dance is a life more in tune.

When you write after movement, your writing comes out of a deeper sense of now-ness. Which – in contrary to popular belief – is the place where all your memories, ideas and brilliance live.

An exciting and explorative journey into your very own world

During our time together, we move in between language and non-language. Vocalizing and feeling. Movement and stillness. We practice silence in between sessions to explore other forms of communication. Each day consists of two writing and movement sessions, exchange, three delicious organic-vegetarian meals and lots of time to relax, sleep and explore the beautiful area around retreat center.

“A very generous, heartwarming and refreshing program.”

“I got to feel the inseparability between my mind through writing and my body through movement.”

Samaya retreat center
This program is hosted in Samaya, a beautiful retreat center located in the middle of the Netherlands. Amidst a lush garden, this former convent uses natural materials, organic flowers to return you into your most natural state. Served an organic-vegetarian meal three times a day, you’ll have your own room with bathroom facilities – and an option to share your room, which is not only nice but also reduces the program fee.

Program requirements
No specific experience or identification as a writer or dancer are necessary to join this program. All you need is fast-writing pens, clothes you can move freely in – and a don’t-know-mind.

This program is open to English speaking participants.

Author, columnist and expressionist Geertje Couwenbergh has been teaching writing as a body based practice for almost a decade. Her programs and retreats (usually integrated with yoga) guide you into the uncensored basics of writing; connecting to your body-mind.

She has published five non-fiction books, and her work -mostly personal essays and columns- can be found in Rebelle Society, Happinez Magazine, The Optimist, Elephant Journal, The House of Yoga, Moodiez and Bodhitv.


Provincie: Utrecht
Waar: Werkhoven
Wanneer: 28-30 Juni
Hoeveel: 286 euro
Meer informatie:

  • Carry Slee onthult haar schrijfgeheimen
  • Waarom je niet moet wachten met je debuut
  • Schrijftips van John Boyne (De jongen in de gestreepte pyjama)
  • Wat verdient een schrijver aan een boek? (En hoe eerlijk is dat)
  • 9 (te) gekke manieren om inspiratie op te doen
  • Ontdek waarom je van je leven een schrijf-mijnenveld moet maken. 
  • Interview met Simone van der Vlugt
  • Tips door Bregje Hofstede en Saskia de Coster, ze schreven allebei boeken die uitblonken in originaliteit en kwaliteit. Hoe deden ze dat? 
  • We spraken Sabine van den Berg over haar carrière, prozawerk, de liefde voor het schrijven van gedichten en over studenten zonder talent
  • Uitblinken in Spoken Word en/of Performance Poetry?

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